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When I began building custom homes I discovered that when people want to build a home they don't always want "Plan A on Lot B"; what they want is the ability to bring their ideas, their lifestyle, their dreams to the building process. Custom homebuilding offers the ability to break away from standard production houses where your choices can be very limited. Whether building your home on one of my lots or yours, in the city or the surrounding areas, I'll make sure the process goes smoothly, professionally and according to plan. All homes in Ontario are built to at least a minimum code standard. Every home I build surpasses the minimum standards to be a healthier, more energy-efficient, comfortable home for you and your family. I combine the most up to date building practices and materials with skilled craftsmen who bring hundreds of years of combined experience to every home I build. When you think of your dream home usually you see the colours, flooring and finishes. But what you can't see behind the walls is just as important: high quality materials used by experienced craftsmen working to exacting standards to create a finished home of exceptional value inside and out. There are many ways to build a home; I believe that quality and value should never be compromised. When you build with James Selkirk Custom Homes you deal with me throughout the process, from initial discussions, through building, finishing and even service after you've moved in. My hands-on approach and low overhead allow me to build your home to the highest standards with the best value added. Compare my specifications and read the testimonials from my satisfied customers who have already placed their trust in me. Then call James Selkirk Custom Homes and tell me about your ideas, your lifestyle and your dreams for your new home so I can help build the perfect home for you. And by the way…Welcome Home. Yours truly,
James Selkirk CET, President
James Selkirk Custom Homes Ltd.
James Selkirk Custom Homes